Our Menu

Flatbread Grill®’s menu consists of traditional and proprietary Mediterranean recipes fused together. It appeals to people from all walks of life with it’s accessibility, quality, and price point. Our values are rooted in serving great tasting food, prepared with culinary expertise that anyone can afford. The menu, including the proprietary bread recipes, were developed exclusively by the founders of Flatbread Grill®, the Esendemir Sisters.

The sisters used their love of traditional Turkish food, as well as their childhood background growing up inside their immigrant parents’ restaurant to develop the menu. Many of the recipes were inspired by the sisters' mother and father's traditional Turkish recipe recipes. Simplicity, quality, and uniqueness is key when it comes to creating our menu options. The Esendemir Sisters believe that the menu should entail ‘something for everyone’, while retaining it's uniqueness.

All of our vegetarian options are vegan. Some items, such as our proprietary red lentil soup and cracked wheat rice, are high in protein and minerals. Our bread is also vegan. We do not use butter in any of our recipes, nor do we use heavy cream for our meats and hummus like many other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern concepts. Our signature sauces, such as the yogurt-cucumber and green tahini, are full of  unique flavor that is unmatched by other concepts.

Please note that all of our food photography is shot 'as is'. We do not edit, filter, or alter our food- what you see is what you get and this is something we at Flatbread Grill® are very proud to state!

Thumb Bread® is a proprietary bread recipe created exclusively by the founders of Flatbread Grill®. It is a fluffy, hearty, and tasty flatbread inspired by traditional Turkish pide bread. Thumb Bread® is used to make our flat melts, as well as served alongside our gourmet salads, soups, and flat-top platters. Many customers also purchase the bread by itself. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in our Thumb Bread®.

Our Mediterranean Chicken is a staple of the Flatbread Grill® menu. We use an all-white meat, hormone and antibiotic free, premium chicken that is marinated in our proprietary recipe. The chicken is cut into cubes, skewered, and then cooked over a charbroil grill. It is one of our most popular menu items being served in pita pockets, platters, and on top of our gourmet salads.

The Favorite Flat-Top Platter™ was a proprietary menu item created early on in Flatbread Grill®'s inception. The Esendemir Sisters took all their collectively favorite elements of classic Turkish cuisine and fused it into one dish. This particular creation paved the way for other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern concepts to imitate the idea. However, the proprietary recipes and the plating of the food still remains exclusive to Flatbread Grill®. Our Favorite Flat-Top Platter™ features our Mediterranean Chicken over cracked wheat rice, shepherd salad topped with feta cheese, a scoop of hummus, and our signature yogurt-cucumber sauce.

Our flat top platters were created over a decade ago. The platters have been one of our most popular menu items. The Esendemir Sisters were the first ones to take traditional Turkish cuisine and put it into an accessible platter format. The platters are customizable and offer protein options such as our Mediterranean Chicken, beef (kofte), falafel, and a veggie option. Shrimp is available seasonally.

Our gourmet salads are a staple on our menu for their portions and freshness. Flatbread Grill® was one of the first concepts to serve Mediterranean Chicken and Falafel over salad. The menu features a small selection of favorites, such as the Mediterranean that is served with shepherd salad, hummus, and falafel, as well as a popular goat cheese salad. Customers also have the option to customize their salads. All of our gourmet salads served with a slice of our Original Thumb Bread®.

Our pita pockets are a fresh take on an old-time classic that features our special piatta bread recipe. Our fluffy, tasty pita pockets are set apart from the crowd with its distinct and unique shape, as well as its fillings. Customers enjoy the fresh made taste of our piatta bread as well as the option to choose original or whole wheat.

Our hot, melted panini selections served on our signature Thumb Bread® have been a unique staple on our menu since the day we were founded. The originality and unique flavor of our Thumb Bread® makes Flatbread Grill®'s flat melts unlike any other panini out there. Customers from all demographics have fallen in love with our melt selection. Our Thumb Bread® is not available from any other concept.

The menu at Flatbread Grill® features a full coffee bar (depending on the market), smoothies, frappes, and other specialty beverages. Our Smoothies are made from all natural puree and contain no dairy. Our frappes (dairy-based) are an indulgent, refreshing specialty beverage blended with ice and distinct, delicious flavors, finished with whipped cream and delicately decadent toppings.

Our Can't Decide Combo™ allows indecisive and curious customers to sample two different menu items, such as a soup and salad. The combo option has been a popular menu item for years. It is popular for customers across all demographics.